Saturday, May 4, 2013


Greetings from New York! (my 18'th birthday gift) First of my two sim dumps. Say hi to the girls!

As some of you you might know, I'm not the big "gamer" - in fact, I hardly ever play with my sims, actually. So it would, as always, be a joy to see other people playing with them! Do whatever you want with them! Edit them and customize them - a credit would always be nice :) use them, just don't upload them to a paysite.. That would break my heart </3. All in all, I just hope that you will enjoy them :)

Three of them were requested by a few people; however, I edited the Grimes-inspired sim quite a lot. But I actually think she looks more like her now :) The only new girl is Lizzie.

- Remember, if you want to change any of the facial (or body) structure, you'll have to have all of the sliders I have in game installed! You can find them on my Recourse list.

- You have to wait for the boys, I'm still not sure which ones to upload and which ones not to.

- As I'm not the biggest fan of dressing my sims (mostly because it takes forever to load the clothes in cas), I haven't putten much thought into that. Their everyday clothes is the only decent clothes they are wearing actually. Hahah

- CC-list are included in the download


OBS: the link to the skin for Lisa Olivia apparently doesn't work. Go to and on the page 1, you'll find her skin. It's called "Sweet" :)

Also, I'm probably starting a tumblr again on the domain very soon. I don't know what to do with this blog - should I abandon it again or keep posting more important stuff such as dowloads and announcements. Well, we'll see!


Monday, April 22, 2013

maybe - maybe not

Two completely new male sims (not just some tweaked old ones). I love how different they look. While the blonde one is having a very classical beautiful look the ginger one is more "ugly" and speciel - but I really like him! And i finally made a sim that looked good with the newest Tifa skin, haha. I love Tifa's skins but most of the time they are really hard to fit on my sims. 

Also, I'm kind of considering a simblr again. It might be a private one with a password which I will give out to people who ask for it.. but it's still just something that I'm considering. Everything like posting pictures, answering comments (though I never really figured out that comment system) and questions - and making the blog look good(!!!) is just way more easy and fun tumblr. The only problem is, that someone has used my old url ( so I will not be able to call it that. However, I actually "reserved" an url (people-without-brains) when I figured that someone has used the old url, just in case. Right now it's empty and with a password (which I don't even remember, of course haha) but I thought it would be smart :) So yeah guys - what do you say? Do you want me to come back? Or do you think it would be a stupid idea? I'm not really sure if the community is better or worse than when I left it so maybe some of you simblr-owners could tell me..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chris again. I'm getting very close, I think...