Friday, October 26, 2012

Hi all of my faithful readers and people who would randomly step by!

I've decided to delete my tumblr without any warning - except for the fact that I'd been quite inactive for a while. The reason why is that I was beginning to get tired of the way tumblr actually worked - likes, likes, likes, reblogs and followers seems to be the things that values the most. Also, I was in general quite inactive compared many of the other simblrs and I felt like I couln't really "fit in" to the rest of the community like everybody seemed to do naturally. Sometimes I feel like I'm sort of socially retarded on the internet (lol), first of all because of my english which is rather limited but also the fact that I just can't be that loving and friendly to people I don't really know. It's much easier for me if I know them IRL. So I felt like I was just posting pictures of my sims like some kind of a machine while everyone was bonding and mingling around me.

At the moment I'm not sure whether I want to continue on this blog in my own pace or stop simming completely. I haven't opened my game for a while and I'm not feeling tempted to do it so I guess this post will be the only update from me in at least a while anyway. I'm might go back to tumblr some day - but not to make a simblr. I'm thinking of taking up my art tumblr again..

So good bye for now! Just write a comment if you got any question or want to complain or something :)