Monday, December 31, 2012

Just a little something

I tried to make some eyebrows again; and I quite like what came out of it. So here you have a pair of eyebrows :D It's not big but it's something - and there will probably follow a couple more within some days/weeks.

....If you ask me, we can never get enough bushy eyebrows for male sims. hahaha

I added them for females as well and they don't look horrible either. They don't look good in bright colors. Emma's (the sim in the middle) eyebrows are colored the lightest color that in my opinion looked good. :) As usual they are not very sharp...

DOWNLOAD (dropbox, package)

I actually added 2 versions to the download; the first version isn't on the picture but looks much alike. The outer arrow of the eyebrow is just a little more visible. You can of course have both in your game but if you want to have the ones on the picture you have to download version 2!

(btw Emma was inspired by the musician Grimes if anyone can see any similarities)


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hi everyone!

So, here we are; the world didn't collapse/was attacked by aliens or whatever. I just came home for the second day of christmas (with my fathers family) I don't think that I've eaten so much in a long time hahaha. However, it's only once a year so I don't blame myself.. much

Well, now to the important stuff! I would have liked it to be a little more.. speciel but this is what I could do i guess

First, a sim (heheh)

(dont know why blogger likes to screw up the quality on big pictures)

This is Pilar. She's quite a tomboy but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to show her feminine sites. I'm very fond of her and I'm planning to use her myself in my story - just so you know. :) Please don't use her as a template for your own creations. Tweaking her to your own needs, I won't complain about - unless you give all credits to yourself. 

CC list is included in the  download.
As for the sliders - I think I have every custom slider (or every usefull slider) installed so if you want to edit her then you must be prepared that it will go back to defaults if you don't have the sliders installed. Most important must be the slider hack by aWT and maybe the CAS sliders by Ahmad
I also use the height slider a lot because I like my sims longlegged(hehe). But that, of course, is nothing that would harm or change her look.

(dropbox, .sim file)

And next is my second pair of eyes..

Personally, I love these eyes! They are a bit sharper than the last ones and I like the sclera more.
The sclera is quite dark but I just like it that way. They may not be perfect for gameplay but great at photoshooting! haha. 

You can't colour the sclera - there are 3 color options - two for the eyes and one for the light in the eyes.

And as last time they are only enabled for contacts. However, if you want to make them default, feel free do it! Just remember to credit me ;)

(dropbox, .package file)


Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm doing it!!

(As you may know) Ever since I started playing sims, I've wanted to make a sims story so bad! After seeing many great stories out there, it only made my want to do it even bigger. So... now I'm doing it - And I have a good feeling about it this time! Today, the christmas holiday starts and I don't really have anything important to do (other than celebrating christmas, of course!) so now is the time! I've already thought of a plot; not quite finished - well not at all but it's not that bat that I can't take any pictures yet. Actually, I've already started taking and editing the pictures. I haven't written anything down yet. It would be amazing if I could write it in Danish and then an amazing translator could translate for me, hahhah. I've come to realize that I'm quite horrible at writing English stories according to my endless 4's (I guess it is the same as a D) in English.

The plot, I won't say anything about yet but the girl on the top is supposed to be one of the main characters of the story. Her name right now is Emma Lykke but I'm not sure if that's her final name.
It's the same girl as the girl in the previous post but I like her look a lot so I decided that she should have a big part in the story.

The only problem now is that I'm not sure where and how to post it. I don't think this place would be such a good idea. Tumblr is not good either and dreamwidth seems kind of sticky (and hard to get into!), haha. Maybe I will try to make a livejournal. I've tried to make a livejournal once and I failed quite a lot but maybe I would be better at it this time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preview #2

- on the eyes that I'm working on :)
I'm beginning to like the more and more. I haven't changed the sclera yet. Maybe it should just stay like this. They would probably look awful in gameplay because they're so dark but I never play the game so I wouln't know

Sunday, December 16, 2012


On some new eyes :)). Right now I only like them when they're this colour, and the sclera is also very dark so there are some fixes I must do before I share them

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amanda Eyes

Hi again! I would like to share with you my first custom content - besides sims and badly made eyebrows. My first set of eyes! And definitely not my last.

They are 3-coloured; 2 of them colour the eye and the last is just the sclera and the light in the eyes.

Unfortunately they are not very sharp. I'm still working on how to make my eyes look sharper. It would be nice to see if they look good with the HQ mod! I don't have it myself because my computer isn't strong enough.

I didn't make them default replacements (actually, I don't even know how to do it) but people are welcome to do it if they think they would be good as default! Just remember to give me some credit, then.

The eye and the sclera are 100% "hand painted" in photoshop by me. So I would like some credit as well if you want to use the sclera or edit the eyes. :)

I hope you like them!

(dropbox, package)

And just so you know; I didn't make a thumbnail, because I didn't knew how to do that either so they look kinda weird in cas - greyish and a bit spooky.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

So this what I'm gonna do

New sim, Morgan Farsoe

Hi, everybody! After i little more than a month's absence, I couldn't resist my game any longer so I'm back :))
Yesterday, I created a tumblr - first of all for my art (I'm sure that an overload of inspiration will come to my head within a very short time......) and for random photos and music that I find nice. I'm quite certain that some sims related stuff will be dumped there too but I will keep this blog as my main blog for my sims stuff. I cannot tell you the tumblr url yet because the name is extremely lame and I would like a prettier name as well as design.

Also, I've created some eyes (Morgan's are one of them) that I'm quite satisfied with ^^ And of course I'm planning to share them!