Thursday, February 21, 2013

just me rambling

So..... I was trying to make my danish essay. I can't pull myself together and the topic is shit. Here's the boy that I mentioned in the previous post. I like him. A lot. (Look how much he look like the child Michael Meyers on the second photo!! Its really creepy) Well, I guess I should go back to my essay and try to finish it. Or not. Maybe I should watch an episode of Girls. After I finished watching Twin Peaks last week, I had to begin with a new series (though that I usually don't watch series) and I got Girls recomended. It's nothing like Twin Peaks (nothing can ever be compared to that!) but I like it and I looove the fact, that not all the girls are model-looking and classically beautiful. Like the main character - however, she's so funny and charming that you'll find her beautiful and very sweet anyway!

I really think, I should start writing a personal blog, ahhahah. Everytime I post, I begin to talk about myself, which is quite irellevant for this blog, but I hope that you don't mind it! Most of you probably don't even care to read it anyway, haha. However, I like writing about myself - it's easy (much more easy than writing danish essay indeed!!) and I feel like that it really strengthens my English. Not so long ago, I got my first good grade in an English essay (that I'd written completely by myself with no help) and I can't describe how happy I was hahahah. 

Well, of to my essay - for real. Bye for now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I don't always make my pictures black and white but when I do, I'm loving it! Everything just gets more classy and stylish when it's black and white. 

I'm sorry for my absence from the blog. The thing's that I've made in the game lately haven't really satisfied me enough to publish - until today where I made this lady! I also made a guy who looks terrifyingly much like Micheal Meyers from Halloween (2007) as a boy (but in an adult version ofc). However, a more attractive and (hopefully) non insane version, haha. 

Last week, I went to Prague with about 300 people from my high school and about 6000 other 16-19 year old boys and girls from Danish high school. It is a "project" made only by students as an alternative to the very expensive (we're students!!) skiing holidays that are arranged every year for danish high school students. Partying and drinking (and some culture by day - for myself!) is basically all we do - as well as getting new friends and seeing old friends. I quite like the concept but the media loves to fill the adults with worries by making extreme horror stories about the untamable and wild young people going crazy and destroying Prague the 7'th week every year. However, I didn't act all crazy as the media would like to represent me and my fellows as. I had a great time and I simply love Prague! It's such a beautiful city with all its old buildings. I hope that the inhabiters of Prague aren't too mad at us, though, for making the city noisy and never-sleeping all week :).

Monday, February 4, 2013

A sim and a civil right movement assignment

So.... the blonde haired sim from the last post got quite a makeover - get used to it; I tend to edit my sims very, very much before I get satisfied. I don't even know if I'm satisfied with him yet. Probably not - I think I'll call him Hank.. don't know why, really.. hah

I like this new way of editing - what do you think?

Tomorrow, I'm gonna start on a quite large assignment called SRO (area of study assignment - roughly translated). I'm going to write in Music and History with the topic "civil rights movement in the 1960's and 70's in America" and how the music was influenced by it by analysing and interpretting James Brown's "Say it  Loud". I'm looking very much forward to it! So, the next two days, I'm off from school to write the assignment (which has to be about 12 pages in total) and on thursday, I't has to be delivered at 8 AM. So my program the next days will be quite tight and diciplined!

As a twist to the assignment, we also have to analyse and compare the texts of "Say It loud" with "Whats Goin On" by Marvin Gay - if you have any idea what could be compared, I would be honoured if you would help me! Right now, I don't really have any clue on any similarities between these two lyrics