Sunday, July 31, 2011

Morten and Leo

I decided to upload both of them, because I couldn't choose (and they look so good together in pics!!), so here they are..

CC list:

Shyne's Juicy Eyebrows
Flajko's Pure Eyes
Shyne's Pores
Shyne's Signature Matte Lips

Leo Wasteson
Ephemera's default replacement skin V.2
Short Bowl Cut Trim by The Sims Key
Papercat's under eyeshadow
Sweater by Sim Dump
Roll up Jean Shorts by All About Style
(Formal) Bow Tie West by All About Style

I couldnt find the eyebags that I used in the eyeliner section, but I think, that Arisukas eyebags could be a good alternative

Morten Lundquist
Ephemera non default skin V.1 Light (or sunny?)
Hair by Aikea Guinea
Tifa's Eyeshadow Nr. 4
Default replacement Tank Top by Aikea Guinea
Roll Up Jeans by All About Style
(Formal) Suit Reshaped Jeans by All About Style (or Suit Roll Up Coffs?)

CAS Sliders used:
All of awt's sliderhacks
bella3lek4's facial sliders
My Blue Book Chin Cleft Slider
Hermi's Lip Slider (Edit by Jasumi)

I really hope that you like them, and I you have some problems, please write a comment or something!

Next up, I think, that I'm going to make a celebrity sim. I just haven't figured out who yet, but I have thought about Lykke Li, Vinnie Who or Tyler The Creater. They all have some adorable and remindable faces in their own ways.
What do you think? (:


Saturday, July 30, 2011

(simmers) need company

Made a boyfriend for my sim Morten (the guy in the last post). Meet Leo, the fashionable and hot-headed partner to Morten. In my opinion they fit perfectly together. They even look quite like eachother (but that's probably just my very limited ways of making sims)

I might be uploading one or both of them, but not tonight. My Sims game has runned the whole day, and I think my computer needs some rest.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Need innovating

New sim.. love him

And for once, I have actually made a sim, who suit this lovely hair quite well:


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sara Milling

So, this is the first sim, that I've ever uploaded. I hope you like her. And if there are some problems with the download, please tell me! I'm very new into these things.

CC List:
Ephamera NV1 Light
Eyebrows by Evie
Eyeliner by Flinn @ TSR (Or the booty)
OFB Curly Hair by Nandonalt @ MTS
Pores by Shyne 
Lipgloss by daluved1 @ MTS
Custom eyes by Lemonleaf (Nr 20)
Freckles by Winterine @ GoS
Skirt by Rustynail
Tank top by dutch 1991 @ MTS
Body suit as accessory by daluved1
Stockings by Lili Sims
(Formal) Nantes Jumper dress by Anubis360 @ MTS

Thanks to Mango for finding the hair (:

Sliders I use:
All of awt's sliderhacks
Lazy eye slider by BloomsBase
Neck thickness slider by whiterider
CAS sliders by bella3lek4

Of course not all of the sliders are required, but I would recommend having the CAS sliders by bella3lek4 and a slider hack, that increase the default range of maximum and minimum

Again, I hope you like her!


Monday, July 25, 2011

New girl

Sara Milling
Everything, except her look, is still under construction.


From Venus

I saw a documtary about the planet Venus a couple of days ago. And it really fascinated me. Billions of years ago, the planet looked exact the same as the earth, but because of an extreme global warming (i think it was), the planet was turned into the planet it is today. So it's fascinating (and also really frightening) to think, that the earth might get the same destiny. Today I tried to create something likely Venus in sims 3, and with a little help from photoshop I think that it turned out pretty well. My vision  of the pictures was to make it a kind of 'editorial', because I might enter the 'Behind The Fashion Lens Challange' at SF Magazines website with the first photo.

I know, the second picture has not a lot to do with the topic, but I blended two head shots together and thought that it looked cool. And then I added som lava to get the dynamic atmosphere.

And here is an unedited photo of Joanna (as the model is called)

Aaand also, if you are interested in seing some art from me, that has not something to do with the sims, then here:
Yeah, it's an artpad.. but I haven't made them for ages and today I rediscovered it. So I made this drawing.


Hair cravings for my sims

I am definitely missing this type of haircut for my men (and women) in my game. I wouldn't mind that piercing/earing eather.

These types of hair could be awesome too. In my own opinion, there are not enough hairstyles with hair in the middle.

The 3rd and 4th (from left)... how cool wouldn't these ponytails/braids be for both men and women? And there are in general not enough curly hair for men.

All pictures are lend from this awesome homepage/blog called The Ones 2 Watch, which I daily stalk.


Saturday, July 23, 2011


A new sim called Ferdinand Karlsson. I don'r really remember his traits, exept that he was a good kisser.
I liked him better in cas, because his nose nostril is doing weird in game. It has something to do with the light i guess.

He has a lovely facial profile. Unfortunately the picture that I took wasnt that great, but you can see it here
Im thinking of uploading him. I just have to make a custom content list and a CAS photo. 


Stories and films

I have in a really long time wanted to create a sims machinima, because it's an another and much more interesting way to express your creativity through the Sims 3 than just showing pictures. And as I don't create custom content, creating movies would be a perfect alternative for me. And trust me - I have tried a million times, but when it comes to filming i always fail at it and forget about it. So my machinima carrier havent quite successed yet. But it will!! Some day.. far away from here.
Anyways, I've recently got an idea for a new plot, and thanks for my naivity to believe that it would succeed this time, I immediately began to create the main characters.


Aske. A neat and virtous guy, who prefer spending his time alone. He has always had some problems with his way of being social, and it has only got worse through the years. But his tall and hansome look has made him a very promising modelling carrier, so thats probably the only thing that still keeps him going.

Freja, who is Aske's sister. They were both adopted, so they are not biologically siblings, but 
their relationship has always been close. She is, as opposed to his brother, very outgoing. 
She is basically the perfect picture of the sweet girl next door. 

Im really satisfied with them. Maybe my dreams will succeed this time..


About to begin

So, this is an another Sims 3 blog created by an another simoholic, that wants to show (and maybe share - when I have learned more about that) her sims to the world. Or at least the world of people playing the sims. But before I begin spamming this blog with pictures from my game, there are some things you need to know about me and the blog.

1. my english sucks. So deal with that or complain about it, I won't care.

2. I'm a mac user, which make it really hard for me to create custom content (though I REALLY wanted to do it, and I always get a lot of ideas), so there will not be anything other than simmies (maybe) to download. Unless one genius person finds out how to make custom content easilier on a mac someday.

3. yeah my blog layout is also something that sucks. But right now I really don't have the time and patience to begin learning about CSS, though it would be very nice to learn it.

4. I only got the base game, because I'm poor, and my computer even has a hard time even to run the basegame correct. It may have something to do with the bunch of custom content I've downloaded.

So I think it was it. I'm sure I will come to think about something importent later, but for now this will probably be enough.


- Rosa