Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hi again! So these past days have been a mix of much schoolwork and illness. My weekend wasn't as full as it usually is so I got some time to create some new sims and do makeovers on older sims. This is basically all I do in my game currently. Also, as usual, I'm not really interested in buying the new EP - it has some nice clothes though but it's not worth the money - I mean just to get the clothes.

lately, I've been obsessed with long haired male sims (as you might have discovered) so here's another one of them. Actually, he's an old one whom I've ever showed you guys. I just did a huge makeover on him and now he's gorgeous <3 and he has a name, Malthe Kramer

Soon, I'll upload a bunch of sims which you can use all you want to. Some of them, you've seen before, others, you have seen but I've given them a makeover and some you have never seen before. I can tell, that this guy is one of them.