Monday, April 22, 2013

maybe - maybe not

Two completely new male sims (not just some tweaked old ones). I love how different they look. While the blonde one is having a very classical beautiful look the ginger one is more "ugly" and speciel - but I really like him! And i finally made a sim that looked good with the newest Tifa skin, haha. I love Tifa's skins but most of the time they are really hard to fit on my sims. 

Also, I'm kind of considering a simblr again. It might be a private one with a password which I will give out to people who ask for it.. but it's still just something that I'm considering. Everything like posting pictures, answering comments (though I never really figured out that comment system) and questions - and making the blog look good(!!!) is just way more easy and fun tumblr. The only problem is, that someone has used my old url ( so I will not be able to call it that. However, I actually "reserved" an url (people-without-brains) when I figured that someone has used the old url, just in case. Right now it's empty and with a password (which I don't even remember, of course haha) but I thought it would be smart :) So yeah guys - what do you say? Do you want me to come back? Or do you think it would be a stupid idea? I'm not really sure if the community is better or worse than when I left it so maybe some of you simblr-owners could tell me..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chris again. I'm getting very close, I think...


Thursday, April 11, 2013

7 more eye contacts

More facity-converted eyes!

Remember, the eye colors of the pictures are the base colors (which means the channels are white at these colors) - some look better with other colors than others.

It's not a very beautiful preview. I'm sorry for the small pictures but I wasn't in the mood of making pretty preview pictures, heh. 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I really really wanna expand my knowledge in making cc for the face - and I've always wanted to make some lips. So yeah, this is what that came out of my try of painting them i photoshop. I Wanted them to look like the lips which mouseyblue has done for sims 2 but they ended up looking like... every other lips that is made for the sims 3. But I will not give up! Not yet at least...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Resource list

It was requested a couple of times so I thought that it was time to make one. The list is up now!
It's still not completely finished. I'm not sure if I'm going to make a resource list for clothes and hair since I have sooo much. It would take forever, haha. However, if you really need it, I would pull my self together and try making it.

6 pairs of eyebrows

Yay bushy and thick eyebrows! Something which I can never get enough of :)
They are a bit weird, I know, but in my opinion the eyebrows always have a big part of defining a face.  As the eyes I made, the eyebrows are all taken from (my precious <3) so no handpaint by me this time. Guess that I've become a bit lazy lately, hahaha.

They work for males and females from teen to elder and can of course be lighter (I simply prefere dark eyebrows which is why they're all dark on the pictures - my bad)

Hope you like them :)


Friday, April 5, 2013


Suddenly, I'm getting so active on my blog,haha. It's not really because that I have more time than normally. I guess that I'm just getting more satisfied with what I make currently.

It's been a long time since I've made a celebrity sim. I forgot how hard it is, I think. This is SUPPOSED to be Chris Arundel. At least a wip, haha. I remember that I saw someone on tumblr a couple of months ago who've made him (much better than me) and who've managed to find a much more suitable hair than mine for him but I don't remember who it was :( Why does nobody make long, curly hair for males???..

Don't know if I'm going out tonight. A lot of my friends are going but I don't really feel like doing it. I guess I would much rather stay at home, watch a movie and eat that chocolate bar that lies in the kitchen, waiting for me. I'm going out tomorrow, anyway, and my economy is burning currently because I don't have any job right now. Soooo, I guess I should open apple TV and check if anything new and exiting have been announced on netflix (netflix is quite shitty in Denmark) or maybe I should just find something online. Hard to choose. Or maybe not.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 pairs of eye contacts

So, today I had a lot of time I decided not to make any homework so I tried out with making some eyes. All af them are simply taken from with a few edits in photoshop by me. The quality is not the best but I myself dont really care, haha. I hope you like them :) They are only avaliable as contacts but you are welcome to convert them to defaults - just remember crediting me :))

They are all recolorable but not with a lot of options. The colors showed on the pictures are the basic colors which means that none of them can be grey, unfortunately. However, I'm definitely planning to make more facity-based eyes soon! these are just the first attempts.

Aand, there are no thumbnails, sorry :s

Hope you'll enjoy ^^


Monday, April 1, 2013

Hi guys! Long time, no see. Right now, I'm enjoying the last precious hours of my springbreak - which, by the way, didn't really turn out how I would have wanted it to be. I was basically ill all af the days. In the weekend, however, I defied my illnes and went out on both Saturday and Sunday; which have caused that I don't really have any voice now - which is not really good considering the fact that I'm starting out with 8 hours of school tomorrow. So, hahaha, I guess that I should take that as a lesson.

I'm working on the sims which I'm going to upload soon (hopefully). My only problem is (except the fact that I'm veeeeery lazy) that I tend to edit my sims all the time which is why you very seldomly see some of my sims more than once. Well this is because the sim is probably altered beyond of all recognition in CAS. The reason why is simply that when I'm satisfied with a sim it only lasts for a very short time. Hopefully some of my sims can last my satisfaction for enough time to be up for download one day. So, If there's any sim of my that you love, please say it! Then I won't enter him/her in CAS anymore - or at least until he/her is up for download, haha.

Anyway, here are some of my newest sims.