Friday, September 16, 2011


I've really loved my life lately. Going in gymnasium is a whole new way of living! (or sort of). I consantly meet new and interresting people, and my class is simply amazing! Tonight I'm going out with two of my new classmates to hear a danish rapper called Kidd. He's kind of silly, but in the good way.

I recently bought a long time wanted macbook, and I've started to fill it up with a lot of music. So I was searching on all kinds of music to get some idea's and become inspired, and then I came across a song by an artist, who I have heard about, but never heard any music from. And I really liked it! She's danish, and her name is Emma Acs.

And here's another sim. She ended up looking quite much like Flora. So I thought of making them sisters.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

This time

There's something wrong with me... its 1 AM, and I'm not tired at all. Fortunately, my first module at school tomorrow is canceled,  which means that I can sleep for two hours longer. So tecnically the clock is only 11 PM.

Well, this time I actually have an excuse for my lack of sim related updates. For many days my game haven't worked. It crashed once I opened it, and I have been using a lot of time trying to find the problem. But suddently it just works fine again. My game acts very weird sometimes.

Since I've just got my game to work again this evening, I only have a small update. A brand new sim called Ulrik and an older sim called Ask, who I posted in GoS a while ago.

I'm still into uploading the two of my latest female sims. But I really can't tell you when. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.. I don't know.

I'd better go to bed now.. my english is even more horrible than it usually is