Wednesday, January 23, 2013

just me simming around and making boys in ma game...

(no, the first one is not Justin Bieber, lol)

I'm really, really considering buying a parralels desktop for my mac. Until now, I've worked with CTU in Mono and its decent - considering that Mono is a free program and I'm usually a noob when it comes to technic on my computer, but.... I there are just so many hairstyles and clothes (especially for male sims) that I still miss in my game. Such as completely buttoned up shirts.... how come that nobody have ever made such shirt? I mean, I can't be the only one who would like such shirt in my game. 
The point is that I would love to do some meshing, and right now, there aint' any solution for Mono to run Milkshape - at least not any that I've found yet. I know there's blender but there seems to be missing a lot of stuff (and also tutorials!) to use that program for the game properly. 
I still know a very little about making custom content, and being on a mac doesn't make it any easier, haha. Someday, when I'm good enough, I'm planning to make my own for tutorial for installing and using CTU for macusers like me who rather wouldn't spend money on it. 

Oh, and I finally figured out how to make my game HQ - my eyes are literally eyecandy with HQ resolution *_* so beautiful, anyway.. just wanted to tell you because I've wanted the mod for so long without succeeding.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just because

everything that you put into instagram, will turn out fabolous. hahaha I admit it; I'm quite an "instawhore" or what they say. I just love the effects. Even some of my pictures look better with an instagram effect than after 15 minutes of editing in photoshop - quite a shame, to be honest.

I made a seperate profile today just for my sim pictures (since im not that crazy about the idea that everyone following me on instagram, who are mostly people I'm friends with and know irl, should see my rather "secret" hobby, haha). Anyway, I've decided to keep the profile private so I can just make the pictures there and upload them here once in a while, if I have a bunch of photos which I don't know what to do with.

So, here's a collection of some of my pictures edited in Instagram

Many of them, you haven't seen before.
- The sim in the top left and bottom left is my newest sim who was inspired by a very pretty model (as always,eheh)
- The sim in the top right and in the middle of the row next to bottom is a wip project; I'm trying to create Thomas Cohen, front singer of the recently splitted up band called S.C.U.M (which you can listen to at the sidebar at the moment). He's also the husband of Peaches Geldof (whom I want to make in the game as well some day) and they have the cutest baby together <3<3 Right now I'm waiting for someone to make a hair that look like his but I don't asume that will happen since it's a little weird, haha, but I really like it
- The sim on the row next to top on the left is a sim I like a lot but don't know what to do with
- The sim on the right on the row next to bottom is another main character of my story

And then there's some you've seen before, who've been giving a makeover and some are gone from my game (like the girl with blue hair and pink dress)

I hope you're all enjoying 2013 :) And are playing a lot of sims, ofc!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I've done a lot of cc lately, really! Mostly eyes and brows since it's the stuff that I feel most safe doing. I'm planning to make a big upload soon... For now, here's a new sim - my new favorite (of the day, haha). She's made from the alien sim which you can probably see from her features. :) Shes also wearing some of my new eyes and eyebrows. 

It's funny how my sims have begun to get really big eyes compared to the sims I made before my break. I quite like it. Before, my friends were always complaining about why my sims' eyes were so small so I guess they would be more satisfied now, probably :) Now, when I edit my older sims, the first thing I do is changing the eye size :b

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy new year!

- quite late, I know :p

I hope that all of you enjoyed your last day of 2012 and have had a nice start of 2013! I have myself :) New years eve went great! I wouldn't have expected it to turn out any better :) Thursday, my school started again so now I'm probably getting quite busy again. Were having a big project in a couple of weeks called SRO and I'm a little worried about it - not so much the writing part but the part where we're going justify our assignment with words in front of our teachers. I'm really bad at that. Actually, anything school related where I have to use my voice, I hate and mostly fail at. 

So at the picture you'll see an attempt of mine to make an alien looking sim. I made the eyes inspired of Mouseyblue's alien eyes for sims 2. When I'm done, I'm considering to upload them (along with some other stuff that I'm working on) to the monthly theme on GoS which is "Science Fiction" :) What do you think? I know you can still see the iris of the defaults. I don't really have any idea why but I would try to fix that anyway.